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I’ve heard a lot of opinions from all sides about the whole Raven-making-Dick-love-her mini plot that happened in NTT. But can we set all of that aside for a second, let’s completely forget about that part of it, because we need to take a minute to appreciate this scene here.

Nowadays, when two female characters in almost any medium come against each other for the heart of a guy, it becomes a giant catfight. But during this entire exchange, Kory is sweet, caring, and patient. She doesn’t yell at her to step off her man, she doesn’t put her down for what happened, she accepts Raven for how she is and helps her through it. They grow closer because of this, they bond, they begin to understand each other. During this part of Raven’s life, that’s really what she needed - someone to take her by the hand, be patient with her, and guide her through this confusing period. Kory became that person.

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