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Quick Drawing - “Daddy Issues”

Had fun doing a 30-min-ish drawing on a livestream with some friends. They wanted me to do the DC52 Jericho and Raven piece I kept talking about. I know I wouldn’t have time to sit and do a proper piece, so I agreed to a quick one. That’s why it’s shaded with burn and dodge tools, and why Joey isn’t as muscular as he should be. Used some stock poses I had in a folder for reference. I also got way too into Raven’s hair, I like making swishy Disney Princess hair. One day I might actually do a proper drawing with actual effort…

October 14, 2012 with 29 notes
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    Oooh, nice drawing. This is wonderful and Raven’s hair is swishy. And Joey looks cute.
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    I think it’s wonderful
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